Jul 3, 2018

RIP: Fast Folks Cyclery, Cesar Chavez & Waller Sts., Austin (by ?)

Outdoorsy, Cesar Chavez & Waller Sts., Austin (by ?)

Print Press, Cesar Chavez & Waller Sts., Austin (by Federico Archuleta)

 Artist webpage: https://www.instagram.com/el_federico

Violet Crown Social Club, E. 6th and Waller Sts., Austin (by Scott Tarbox)

East Austin Toys, alley on Waller St, between 7th and 6th Sts., Austin (by ?)

Hammok, E. 7th & Navasota Sts., Austin (by ?)

Kebabalicious, E. 7th & Navasota Sts., Austin (by ?)

Austin Body Works, 6th & Navasota Sts., Austin (by ?)

Jul 2, 2018

Recess Arcade Bar, E. 6th & San Jacinto Sts., Austin (by Louis Masai)

Artist webpage: http://louismasai.com/

?, E. 6th St?, Austin (by Erin Bower)

Artist webpage: https://www.erinmbower.com/

Green Light Social, W. 6th & West Sts., Austin (by ?)

St. Austin, W 21st & San Antonio Sts., Austin (by ?)

?, Burnet near Twin Oaks St, Austin, (by unknown aka Charlie Birdman)

I don't know the name of this artist who paints dozens of these parakeets all over town. I love them and am calling the artist Charlie Birdman. When I took these two photos, I did not notice the bird in the banana costume until days later. -Josh

East Side Pies, Rosewood & Angelina Sts., Austin (by ?)

RIP: Encore Records, E. 6th & Brushy Sts., Austin (by J Muzacz)


Nasha, E. 7th & Concho Sts., Austin (by ?)

Sam's Bar-B-Que, 12th & Porquito Sts., Austin (by Federico Archuleta)

Artist webpage: https://www.instagram.com/el_federico

?, 4th & Onion Sts., Austin (by Tara Johnston)

Artist webpage: https://www.tarajohnston.co

Flat Track Coffee, Cesar Chavez & Chalmers Sts., Austin (by ?)

Mr. Natural, Cesar Chavez & Chicon Sts., Austin (by Ulo Ang & Nanu Berks)

Artist webpage: http://uloang.com/
Artist webpage: http://nanuberks.com/

Taqueria Chapala, 2101 E. Cesar Chavez St, Austin (by ?)

Aston Intl. Academy, 2125 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin (by ?)

?, Cesar Chavez & Robert T. Martinez, Austin (by ?)

Paz Veterinary, 2400 E. Cesar Chavez St, Austin (by Ulo Ang)

Artist website: http://uloang.com/

Switched On, 2400 E. Cesar Chavez St, Austin (by K&E)