Jun 30, 2013

Anna's Taqueria, 446 Harvard St., Brookline, MA

The Daily Catch, 441 Harvard St., Brookline, MA

Porter Square Shopping Center, Orchard & Davenport Sts., Cambridge, MA (by Joshua Winer, 2001)

This is the longest mural I have ever seen, and have tried to give some indication of its length by this first shot up the street. It just about fills up an entire city block. Some of the windows on the painted buildings are painted, but some are real windows into the actual building. See if you can find the real windows. The murals are all so well made that I'm afraid that my inexperience as a photographer will make it hard to see the murals as murals. For more info on the artist, see his web page at http://www.joshuawiner.com/index.php

Jun 25, 2013

Edward Devotion School, Harvard & Stedman Sts., Brookline, MA (by many, 2007)

Some of the artists who painted this are Anyahlee Suderman, Basil el Halwagy, Alex Cook, Chavonna Rhodes, Elyssa Auster, Linda Clave, Prithi Pais, Jake Giberson, Mike Elwin, Pam Shanlay, Smantha Harvey, Silvia Lopez Chavez, Sue Rice and Tova Speter.

?, Norfolk & Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA (by Pasqualina Azzarello, 1997)

Three nice murals spitting distance from my Unpopular Scientists performance at Mobius Gallery. It was going to be a good show. And it was.

This mural was in homage to Marc Chagal.

Dosa Facory, Mass. Ave, Cambridge, MA

Harvest Co-op Market, Essex & Bishop Allen, Cambridge, MA (by David Fitcher)

This is the other side of the building in an earlier photo. The moral is, if there is a mural on one side of a building, check the other sides.